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Thursday, October 1, 2015
Shakey`s Firehouse Pizza

There´s a new hottie in town.

Shakey´s, every Filipino´s favorite casual dining restaurant for good times and great memories, is bringing in the heat this holiday season with a new addition to its stellar menu.

In celebration of its 40th year anniversary as a top runner in the food industry, Shakey’s is famous for producing menu favorites  for its Guests time and again, making it the go-to restaurant for sharing every day moments and celebrating milestones over a delicious meal.

Always finding ways to keep things hot and interesting, Shakey’s is introducing a premium new pizza that promises to set our tastebuds on fire. Fresh, spicy, and flvorful are some of the ways one might describe this new hottie. A bite of this pizza is a powerful explosion of flavor in your mouth, leaving you wanting more after each slice.

Get-togethers at Shakey’s are never going to be the same, and set to be hotter than ever before.  Already famous for its Spiced Chicken ´N´ Mojos, Shakey’s  is showing us its more adventurous side and is spicing things up for the holidays by introducing its Guests to its latest creation, the Firehouse Pizza.

Thrill seekers have a reason to celebrate, as the Shakey’s Firehouse Pizza is bringing the fire back into the BER-months. This brand new pizza hosts a spicy medley of Italian, Pepperoni, and spicy sausages over a generous serving of cheese, with fresh ingredients and chilli flakes. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy these spicy new flavors on top of the signature Thin-Crust.

Head on over to your favorite Shakey´s branch to get a taste of this flavorfully addictive new pizza, and celebrate the holidays with the hottest dish in town.


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