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Sunday, September 7, 2014
Store Opening - September

Creating Good Times & Great Memories at Shakey’s

By Joy Angelica Subido

                Constancy and reliability are among the reasons why many continue to stay loyal to the Shakey’s brand. At a time when numerous food stores are opening (and closing,) it is always a comfort to be able to return to something that is dependable, familiar and satisfying. The best part, of course, is that one does not need to travel far to enjoy Shakey’s fare. With 145 stores nationwide, it should be a simple matter to get one’s Shakey’s fix each time the craving hits.

Even better news is that the number of stores is expected to increase within the year. “We’ve already opened eight new stores but we have another twelve opening before the end of 2014. So altogether, we will have 20 new stores this year,” confirms Shakey’s General Manager Jorge Concepcion.  Explaining that Guests’ comfort in the various stores is a primary consideration, he shares that, “Starting last year, we implemented a new concept in the layout and are aggressively pursuing that in line with other strategies as we relocate or renovate existing stores, and build new ones.”

Consistent with our brand’s FUN, FAMILY, PIZZA positioning, our goal is to make Shakey’s stores have a very wholesome, comfortable and friendly environment. Upgraded stores feature high ceilings, improved lighting and are more spacious to be able to accommodate long tables for bigger groups of Guests. Function rooms have been added to the stores as venues for special celebrations, and the layout has been planned so that the stores are friendly places where Guests can relax and unwind. Moreover, free-standing stores are also designed to provide ample parking areas for dining Guests.

                “People who have been around the brand will have different images of Shakey’s,” says Concepcion. “In the past 39 years of operations in the Philippines, the brand has gone through a series of transitions so that there was even a time when we used to have live bands playing in the stores. But in the last couple of years we’ve re-positioned it more as a family casual dining restaurant—a place where you could bring the entire family.”

                “We want to convey an experience,” concludes Concepcion. “We provide high quality food and great service, but it should be the overall experience that counts most. At one time, one of our campaign slogans was ‘We serve fun, also pizza.’ We want to continue fostering good times and great memories for families and friends. We recognize that we have to attune our stores so that we can give good value and continue serving our Guests even better. We take pride in making sure that the ‘Shakey’s experience’ means that our Guests will feel special.” Older stores like those in Lipa, E. Rodriguez and Quezon Avenue have been renovated and upgraded to be more spacious and brighter.

                The new concept stores are a significant milestone for Shakey’s as the brand grows bigger in the Philippines.  Loyal restaurant patrons can look forward to more good food and great times as Shakey’s Lagro, (Quezon City); Shakey’s Urdaneta (Pangasinan); Shakey’s Angeles City (Pampanga); Shakey’s Balanga (Bataan); Shakey’s Tagbilaran (Bohol) and Shakey’s Lucena (Quezon) outlets are set to open within the year.

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