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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Everyone has its own Shakey’s moment, like former MYX VJ, actor, model and premier television host, Luis Manzano. Since he was a child, Luis shares a big chunk of his growing up years with Shakey’s. As a family man himself, he always looked forward to family reunions and get together. “I grew up with extended family and one of our favorite things to do was order Shakey´s together. This is one of my favorite Shakey´s moments. Every big family dinner that had Shakey´s was a favorite one. It is a staple to have Shakey´s, and a sin not to have it,” he said.


As the newest member of the Shakey’s family, Luis admittedly shared that this is a completely winning situation. “I am a big fan of the brand. In fact, when my friends found out I would be working with Shakey’s they asked me if I was going to have parties at my house every weekend.” Even prior to his endorsement, he consistently follows the brand, tweeting about it and constantly ordering pizza whether at home, at work, or just for himself.


During his press launch at Shakey’s Quezon Ave., Luis shared that one of his favorite Shakey’s menu items is the Pepperoni Crunch pizza. He also told the press that during his television commercial shoot, he actually finished 13 slices of pizza in 20 minutes. “I also pocketed 4,” he shamelessly added.


Luis also has a fun quirk when eating his favorite Shakey’s Thin Crust pizza. He likes putting a slice of pizza on top of another slice. “There’s only one way to eat a Shakey’s pizza – as a sandwich.”


Now that Luis is on board, the Shakey’s family is nothing but excited for their newest member. “Luis embodies our brand in every way. We are happy to invite him to be a part of our family,” shared Jorge Concepcion, General Manager for Shakey’s. Moreover, with Luis as ambassador, Shakey’s hopes to reach out to more Guests and encourage them to share more of their Shakey’s moments.

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